Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congratulations to Brandon

Today was the day... Brandon Graduated today and we couldn't be more proud..
Not only did he graduate with honors he was the salutatorian in his fieldPosted by Picasa

Friday, March 27, 2009

If spring can't find us we WILL find it..

Since spring is having such a hard time finding us we decided that we would bring spring to us.

We were all feeling a little bit blue since it has been so cold and the Sunshine went away.. so we made our own SPRING... What a fun day we had..
Here is a little Spring for you too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma

Grandma Little turned 92 on Monday, so on Sunday we had a Birthday party.

Lindsey thought that we needed to make homemade ice cream for the big birthday so she got this ball??? A ball to make ice cream.. all the stuff goes inside and then you ROLL around for about 30 minutes we rolled the ball back and forth. Grandma just could not believe that it would make ice cream but she kept rolling the 9lb ball the best she could.
She got tired and wanted to look inside to see if it was working. So we opened the ball and .....
There it is, Fresh peach ice cream it was so hard on the edges we could not get it out. Lindsey did not read all the instructions. But in the end it all tasted soooooo good. thanks Lindsey for the great idea.
Happy Birthday Grandma We all love you!
Monday on her Birthday the thing I thought she would like best is to get out and go shopping.
So Tracy and I took her and did we have fun having her try on clothes. She kept saying she liked things the way they use to be ... so we found something as close to old as we could. She is one Sexy Grandma. When she was done trying on all the clothes she looked at us and said "Shows over" and she was done she didn't want to try on another thing. So we went looking at other things and then we found this.............
Shoes big high heel shoes and I wish I had a picture of her face when she saw these shoes, she kept asking me do people really wear these? Would you wear these? How much are they? This pair I did put on but only one I would have fallen if I had both of them on and they were $100.00. Way to much to pay to worry abut falling all the time. We had a fun day and I think Grandma had a good time. We love you Grandma and are very happy you are still here spending time with us even if you think the world is crazy.

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