Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can you BELIEVE this?

Less than 24 hours in the hospital can be very colorful and costly..

I thought I need to share these pictures so you could all see what Bill has been up to please make sure you are sitting for the next few pictures.......... Wait for it......................
Yes you are seeing it right one page of charges and YES it does say $141,753.55 Not only does his chest hurt put the pocketbook as well.. Thank goodness for insurance. I guess we really can call him the MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who is the next Bionic Man?

Bill, A Man barely alive, We can rebuild him, Faster, Stronger........... The Bionic Man. The Man who saved him Dr Zubair.

Look at the top number of 70 this is his Resting Heart rate.. it was at 30-40 before. The Women who stands at the side of him. As most of you know Bill has not felt very good for a long time. He went to the Dr Last week because he thought he might have had a mini stroke so they did a CT scan and a EKG. The Dr's office call him on Tuesday and told him that he wanted to see him this Thursday, Well he told them he could not do it he was to busy and had to help Bronson move this weekend. I was gone on State wide provider training in Monticello and Price. So he hung up and pretty soon the Dr himself called him and said Bill, you will be in my office at 8:15 THIS Thursday and by the way stop taking your blood thinning medicine.... What a long 2 days wondering what they had planned for him. Thursday morning at 8:15 we were in the office.. He told Bill that he really felt like he needed a Pacemaker and he needed it NOW, but he also had another plan and that was to put in the Cadillac of defibrillators. His Heart rate will now be at 70 resting and will be able to go higher as he gets to be more active. So now we can call him the Energizer bunny.

Music for your ears