Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As you know I have been re-doing my bedroom for the last 6 weeks, well its finally done enough that we can get into the bed without crawling under and over things. I still have a few walls that need to be decorated but for the most part it is done. I really think it turned out good, the colors are so cozy and warm. Now its time to move to another room that needs to be done. I just have to wait a while so Bill will forget the mess we were in so long, and won't pitch a fit...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunday Pauline's Sister Margie that lives in Kemmerer Wyo, called me and told me she was on her way to St Mark's hospital, she had also fallen and broke her hip and laid outside in the snow and water for 1 hour before anyone found her, so guess what the two of them are in the hospital together what a riot. Margie will be going back to the Kemmerer Hospital to have her Therapy, wish she was staying here because it would have been good for Pauline.. Life is ever changing...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday after leaving Tyler's party Grandma Little fell outside of Bronson house and Broke her Hip, We took her to St Mark's Hospital and never left there till Sunday at 10:00 PM. What a joke the Er and surgery was, took forever. She is doing very well for her age, We just pray she will be able to walk again.

Tyler got a new wig for her Birthday, what a little doll.

Saturday Tyler has a birthday party, she turned 6, Bronson and Kristy had a party for her. What a little sweetheart

Always keep your Eyes on Logan

Sat was really a day from H--- it started ok but went from bad to worst as the day went on. Un- be-known to us Logan 2 years old walked out of the bedroom with a new can of spackle not a one of us saw him, but we heard him singing away and making whee ou sounds, I told Bill he better go check on him thinking he was with his Dad, Oh know, Bill yelled like a Commache JEANETTE YOU BETTER GET DOWN HERE NOW, I thought it can't be that bad, oh boy was I wrong, Logan had emtpy the entire can of spackle on my leather chair, 3 windows,window payne and blinds and all over himself his hair was standing straight up with so much spackle in it. Trust me these picture can't even begin to show what it was really like

Sat Feb 2 Wayne ,Helen and Bronson came to help us with the crown molding in our bedroom. At first it didn't go so well, but after 3 boards cut wrong, a trip over the lamp cord, a gouge in the wall and night stand (you get the picture) they got it together and got it all up and it looks so great. Here's Wayne and Bronson puting this piece up for the third time..

I am a little slow in getting everything posted, had too many things to do latley anyway Friday it snow again and we were out shoveling. It looks pretty at first.

Music for your ears